Our Services

  • Call Center Solutions
  • Custom Front desk
  • Direct response
  • Live Chat Response
  • Sales
  • Technical Support
  • Account Management
  • Tech India solutions Agent
  • Quality Assurance
  • Reporting & Analystic

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We rethought the standard agent model when creating our company. Tech India took a strategic approach to outsourcing by creating a flexible, high quality customer support outsourcing solution. Our unique work in-house or at home agent model enables us to pick qualified agents from an exceptionally large talent pool with varied skill base. With strategic controls and technologically advanced monitored systems we provide an environment that enhances our employees strengths allowing them bring creativity, flexibility and dynamic performance to their jobs.

Account Management

Account Managers choose to work from remote home offices allowing flexibility and a higher retention rate while others other work from our main office located at Pan India level & all Based in Republic of India.

Tech India Agent

Tech India Agents truly are our Client's ambassadors. They represent you, your company, your product and your brand. We demand high quality performance from our Agents.

Quality Assurance

We work closely will all members of Tech India Solutions team in order to provide the excellent customer service skills that keep Tech India Solutions in the forefront of excellent service.

Reporting & Analystics

Website utilization is good,going extra mile and flipping that information into new highly targeted campaigns,new Agent responses and website changes requires experienced management.

Training & Development

Our Agents not only utilize the information provided for use but they also know and understand it, ensuring your customers need never know that you outsource this area of your business.

Recruitment Retention

Our Agents are direct TISPL Employees not independent contractors lowering our attrition rate. By promoting Agents from within and providing the training to support these promotions we have a low employee turnover.